Device independent cloud service provider for educational institutions

Students Key performance visualization tool

User friendly Event management

A Medium for collaboration across and within institution

Attendance Module

Clofus has an extremely user friendly  attendance module for staff that aims to replace the use of current paper based student status marking with mobile device such as an iPad, Tablet or phone that is connected to our cloud

Event Management

Clofus has an event management module that can send notifications to remind students and teachers on their daily activities at scheduled time

Assignment Module

Assignment/Exam module can be used by teachers or students to perform their regular class activities, submission of their work, evaluation and generation of reports on their progress

Messaging Module

Clofus has an messaging module that can send email, sms and notifications across institutions which servers as an messenger for teacher, students and management without the need for sending transactional emails to individual users

Mobile and Tablet friendly Interface

Clofus is built using modern available web development technologies considering the growing needs and works brilliantly on various mobile device platforms providing rich user experience

  • Cost Effective 100%
  • User friendly 100%
  • Highly Flexible 90%

Easy to access dashboard

Role based dashboard for easy access to all the modules

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