Homework planning app for Students [School Management software]

Students are spending more times in doing home works. A lot of works assigned to students by the school to do at home. Those assignments become more complicated for students. Most of the students are struggling to complete all the works assigned to them, this happens because of lack of organizations and time management. The important thing is student need a support from parents to organize themselves in completing the home works. »

Online School Fee Application [School Management software]

Problem Most infuriating thing in the parent‘s life is standing in a long queue at school premises to pay school fees. This is the time consuming activity that parent should put more effort. High chances of late fee payment when the parent’s are away for their official work. Solution Online fee payment is an emerging method that simplifies the fee payment process at school. Online fee application makes the fee collection process easily and avoids the long queue at schools. »

Student admission management app [Free School Management software]

Problem Student registration and admission process is a tedious task in schools, colleges and institution. It is time consuming process done manually on paper. Handling bulk of files is not simpler and it also hard to maintain. Manual work requires a lot of man power, efforts and cost. Solution Schools, colleges and institution’s definite need is automated system. Computerized system automated all the manual student admission and registration process exists. Besides student admission process it can handle faculty admission process. »

Teacher-parent communication app [School Management software]

Problem Teachers are always expecting the parent’s involvement on children’s education. In today fast paced world parents not having time to concentrate on their children’s education. Parent non-involvement instigates unperformed student activity. The only problem is lack of communication between parents and school. Solution Keep parents informed using technology is a great and quick way. Today, most of the schools incorporated the latest technologies such as applications and modern devices to enhance their teaching aspects. »

Time Table Application for schools [cloud-based software] | Chennai

Problem Scheduling our plan every day helps us to manage our time efficiently. This behaviour should imitate at schools by teachers and students so it can give better results in their acadmic performance. Scheduling time in classrooms through time table is a great way to organize the daily study and teaching task of students and teachers. School time table is manually preparing still in most schools. It is difficult and time consuming task. »