[Bus Tracking Software] for School Management | Cloud-based Software

Focus on student safety is most important task for schools, paying more attention on children safety increases the student and parent’s faith on management. School should never compromise on student’s safety. In this case, bus tracking system ensures the student and faculty safety when they frequently used school bus to reach the school. In this case, Clofus Interconnect is a only solution provider.


Clofus Interconnect is cloud-based software has bus tracking feature assists the school management to concentrate on child safety. The software is easy to customize and simplify the management task of tracking vehicle, drivers, faculty and students.

Here are the features of our bus tracking system for school management + By using Clofus Interconnect integrated with GPS device, management can track whether the school vehicles are travelling in the assigned route. + Administration can receive an alert if the school vehicle deviated from the assigned routes. + Send alert if the vehicles idle for long time in the same place. + Management can track and control if the driver exceeds the speed limit + Alerts to know the fuel wastage

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