Clofus Interconnect [Desktop] App Now Available to Use

Press Release

CHENNAI – July 11, 2017 – Clofus Innovations (LLC), School ERP specialist, today announced the launch of the new Clofus Interconnect Desktop App for their Clients. Now the Clofus users can access their Clofus Interconnect account from their Personal Computer that specifically runs most common operating system i.e., Windows, Mac, and Linux.

“Some of our clients say, Staying connected to their Clofus Interconnect account getting harder, sometimes their web browser fails to respond when they tried to access. So, we have developed the Clofus Interconnect Desktop App with the intention to meet the client requirements,” said Karthik Balu, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Clofus Innovations.

clofus interconnect

Cloud-based Desktop App of Clofus Interconnect ultimately provides secured access to School Management, Staffs, Students, and Parents. Using native application on Desktop is a typical one. But, Clofus Interconnect Desktop App gives extensive features with intuitive user experience as the originally launched Android and iOS app. Moreover, it builds two-way communications between Schools and Parents. It also simplifies the tasks of administrative staff, and they can also access the Clofus from outside of the web browser.

Clofus user might own their Personal Computer or Laptop at different screen sizes and resolutions that available in today’s contemporary market. Though, Clofus Interconnect native application for Desktop support on all screen sizes and resolutions.

Parent version of Clofus Interconnect application for iOS is now available in the iTunes App Store. Clofus Interconnect iOS applications complete version is in development stage and release slated for next week.

Clofus Interconnect is also available free for Android users. Download the app in the Google Play.

About Clofus Innovations

Clofus Innovations is a software innovations product & services Company focused on providing development & architecture support for innovative challenging projects that uses latest technology & frameworks. Clofus now operates from Chennai, the Detroit of India.

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