[School ERP] Different Features to Look for in School ERP

Different Features to Look for in School ERP

Like all the other walks of life, the invention of computer has brought about a great revolution in the education system of various countries across the world. Many new software are being devised daily to facilitate the process of teaching and managing the students and also the other activities of the school. It has introduced many innovative techniques of teaching and the overall results of the students have improved. It has also aided the management in the discharge of their management duties. It would never have been possible to manage such varied functions of the schools without it. School ERP is one of that software which has made the activities at educational institutes a lot easier. Following are the features that should always be looked for in this program:


1-Should be Complete

The selection of an ERP for the school is a difficult decision to be made. There are numerous functions running at an educational institution and the selection of ERP should be made by keeping in view all these functions. If it cannot help in performing some functions, it should be left and another should be searched. A complete ERP is the one which can help in all the functions of the school and should be preferred.

2-Constant and Stable Support

Another feature that should be looked for while selecting an ERP is the continuous and stable support from the vendor of the software. The requirements of the institution can change from time to time and the software needs to be updated or downgraded to cope with these needs. This is possible only through stable support. A software without support from vendors is just a waste of money and resources, therefore, make sure about this support while purchasing it.

3-Cost Effective

Cost effectiveness is the feature that is looked for in all the software and ERP is also no exception. These costs not only include purchasing but also include maintenance and upgradation costs. A good ERP is the one which has no hidden costs and gives a clear picture of all the costs including repair and maintenance costs. A software which incurs more costs on repair and maintenance should be left.

4-Easy Adaptability

A good ERP software is the one which can easily be adopted. It is an observed reality that more than 50% institutions face problems in the implementation of this software and can benefit from it fully. Therefore, it is mandatory to select the one with easy adaptability. However, if the institution has skilled human resource which can facilitate its usage then a good and compact ERP should be selected.

5-Widely Accepted

Many institutions prefer to implement that software which is being widely used in the country. Its frequent usage advocates its compactness and being fully functional in all the activities of the school. It should also be adjustable with the available resources, needs, and requirements of the institution.

To sum up, it can be said that always go for school ERP that can fulfil the needs and requirements of the school and of all the available software, the best is Clofus ERP for schools.


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