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What is the purpose of report card?

The report card is issued by the school to student or to the student’s parent. It is piece of sheet consist record of student performance on academic outcomes issued periodically. It is written assessment parents and teachers can evaluate the student ability and curriculum performance.

Issuing report cards is a traditional habit following by the schools since few decades ago. Most of the typical report card contains things like subject, Marks and Grades. In this modern and vast world it is difficult for parent and teachers to assess the curriculum activities with these few stuffs. To provide solution for this scenario there is precious application called ‘Clofus Interconnect’.


digital report card

Clofus Interconnect is cloud-based school management software operates from India. Our application provides digital report card contains more elements than traditional report card. Digital report card contains new stuff such as scores or grades with teacher’s comments, punctuality and discipline records, and ideas to parents from teachers to improve the child’s performance.

Parents and teachers can access our digital report card from their mobile device. So the assessment might done from anywhere anytime. To know more about our application feature click here.


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