Homework planning app for Students [School Management software]

Students are spending more times in doing home works. A lot of works assigned to students by the school to do at home. Those assignments become more complicated for students. Most of the students are struggling to complete all the works assigned to them, this happens because of lack of organizations and time management. The important thing is student need a support from parents to organize themselves in completing the home works.


Clofus Interconnect is a solution provider for all the problems exists at kids and parents. Our app helps students to improve their organization and planning strategies. Our app does not allow students to miss the assignments. The teacher can notify to parents about the assignments to the kids with help of messaging system. It helps parents to help their kids in completing the work even if they are away from home for their official work.

Interconnect is a free school management software operates from India to reduce stress on students when they involved completing the task whatever regard to their academic activities. To know more about our application feature click here.


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