Mobile Friendly Fee Payment with Clofus [School Management software]

Some mobile research reports that recently done on shows the growth of smart phone users is elevated when compare to the past report. The users are expected to grow more in future years. Smart phones are already started to replace the traditional desktop and laptop. Reports will not make any surprise to peoples in coming years.

online fees collection

In this modern world peoples are tend to complete their every possible routine task through mobile. In this scenario, our app called ‘Clofus Interconnect’ introduces the feature that helps parents who have school going kids.

Fee Collection and payment is one of the significant features that incorporated in Clofus Interconnect. The Interconnect makes the fee payment process through mobile. When schools make use of our application, parents can easily pay the fees through on their mobile at their convenient time. With our application Parents can pay fees even if they are away from their home for official work on the last date of fee payment. The Interconnect user interface is completely mobile friendly and makes great experience to the users. To know more about our application feature click here.


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