Mobile School [Attendance] Management

Problem Student Attenadance is one of the primary work routine done by every teacher in a school and currently this has been done as a manual work in most institutions and there is no way for the institution to analyse the student presence statistics in real time and accessible to the insitution seamlesly and understand student behaviour to take proper action which eventually benefits insitution to optimize their staffing resources

attendence software

Solution Timely attendance data can only be gathered if the student attendance information are updated in the centralized system and this brings us to a problem of digitalization of the attendance taking process

Currently the data is done hand written which has to be digitalized, So this requires teachers be able to use digital devices such as an mobile phone or tablet that these days every one have in their hand most of the time so its easy to use an iOS/Android app to mark attendance from their mobile device itself

Our Take Clofus Interconnect provides an app called “Attendance” which can work seamlesly on all mobile devices by teachers and managers, all the data is pushed in real time to our Industry standard Cloud Server, Even futher to facilitate the staff, Clofus also provides RFID attendance software and hardware that can work in the background without human interaction to mark attendance automatically when the kid enters the school, to know more about this product please refer the features section and explore all the exciting features


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