Clofus Interconnect [Desktop] App Now Available to Use

Press Release CHENNAI – July 11, 2017 – Clofus Innovations (LLC), School ERP specialist, today announced the launch of the new Clofus Interconnect Desktop App for their Clients. Now the Clofus users can access their Clofus Interconnect account from their Personal Computer that specifically runs most common operating system i.e., Windows, Mac, and Linux. “Some of our clients say, Staying connected to their Clofus Interconnect account getting harder, sometimes their web browser fails to respond when they tried to access. »

Reinventing [school management software] for today's world

The way the children are learning today has changed consistently from a traditional classroom environment. A large reason for this change in the educational system is the introduction of technology in the classroom. More teachers today preferred to issue homework in a paperless method, more administrators enjoy publishing updates and information to teachers by e-mail and more students want interactive and digital content that they can use to supplement their learning. »

Advantages of [School Management Software] for Teachers

Advantages of School Management Software for Teachers Teachers are important pillars of the institution. They are the largest contributors in the success of the institution. Often, a school is known by the quality of the teaching staff it has. They are the persons who leave everlasting effects on the minds of the students and their parents. A good teacher is always respected by the nation and the success of the nation lies in this respect. »

Benefits of [School Management Software] for School Administration

Benefits of School Management Software for School Administration Administration is the key to success in almost all businesses. In an educational institution, the administration is equally important. It shows its effects on results, admissions, timetables, and all the other education related activities. In the past, the administration did not involve any special efforts and consisted mainly on keeping the discipline in the school. There were no heavy budgets to spend and the enrolment had also been small. »

Factors Affecting Implementation of [School ERP]

Factors Affecting Implementation of School ERP Everybody, nowadays, demand change and same is the demand of parents and students who intend to study in a school, college, or university. Invention of computer and incorporation of technology have brought about a lot of changes in the education sector. These changes have not only eased the management but also eased the students and their parents. These changes have also brought about positive results in the educational scoring of the students. »