Reinventing [school management software] for today's world

The way the children are learning today has changed consistently from a traditional classroom environment. A large reason for this change in the educational system is the introduction of technology in the classroom. More teachers today preferred to issue homework in a paperless method, more administrators enjoy publishing updates and information to teachers by e-mail and more students want interactive and digital content that they can use to supplement their learning. As a result of this digitization effort, many schools are opting to use project management software or school management software as it is called in the educational system.

school management software

Clofus Interconnect is a brand-new and cloud-based management program that is ideal for managing every element of a digital file system across an educational facility. Everything included in this software makes the process of running a school easier and the process of learning much more streamlined for students who prefer using digital methods. Clofus has management software that allows students to receive their homework, assignments, schedules and more. Parents can track learning objectives as well as receive at home learning support tools and news about the school through their own version of the dashboard. Staff members can receive updates, schedules, share assessments, communicate with teachers and sure updates with students and parents.

Teachers can have access to educational resources, send out homework to students, share and save assessments to share with parents, create online lesson supplements and more.

This classroom management support software is changing the infrastructure of an institution by harnessing the power of technology. By improving communication as well as the tools that can be used to share data/educational resources, Clofus is changing educational results in the efficiency of educational institutions. With purpose built project management software that is designed for the educational process, any school can now access the same tools that enterprise-level companies are using to stay productive with their workforce.

The entire classroom management program is available for use on many platforms as well this ensures that students from every background can easily access the software. With elements available on the web, through the Google play store as well as an upcoming IOS application it is possible for students and staff to access their accounts on any device. Contact Clofus today and see what reinvented school management software for the mobile age can do.


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