Role of Information Technology in Effective [School Management]

Role of Information Technology in Effective School Management

The advent of computer and incorporation of new technology has brought about a lot of advancements in every walk of life and the education system is also no exception. Many new software has been made to facilitate the process of management in almost all the schools. The most diverse and increased enrolment has made it obligatory to use software to easily manage schools. Computer labs have been set up and maintained in almost all the schools to benefit from the advancements in the field of information technology. Information technology has made it possible to manage schools through devising different software. It is equally effective both for the students as well as teachers. Following are the roles played by information technology in best school management system:

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1-Management of Students

The very first and the most important benefit of information technology in schools is that it helps to manage students. Over the past few years the enrolment has increased a lot and it seems impossible to manage schools without such software as help in the registration process and keeping track of the students. It also helps to keep a check on the academic performance of a student throughout the year.

2-Saves Time and Money

Information technology has proved a miracle in saving the time and money. Maintaining all the academic and non-academic activities have been made easy without much paper work and wastage of time. All the correspondence is made through emails and a lot of time and money is saved. This has enabled teachers to concentrate more on the studies.

3-Increased Coordination

Information technology has also shown its effects on the overall coordination between students, teachers, and various departments. School management software is also available in the form of mobile app and, therefore, more and more concerned people can remain connected with one another through it. The increased coordination between students and teachers is especially remarkable to achieve desired results.

4-Easy Decision Making

Another very important role played by information technology is the easy decision making. As school remain connected with internet all the correspondence with authority becomes fast. Moreover, the coordination among staff helps to make smarter decisions quite easily. These decisions may include fees, examinations, results, admissions, timetables, and many other. As all the decisions are made in collaboration, these are instantly implemented.

5-Easy Access to Study Materials

Information technology also seems to play its role in increasing the access of both teachers and students to a vast expanse of knowledge. They can check and read any book from the digital library of the school. Moreover, through internet, they have access to many useful and informative websites that boost their knowledge and develop their researching skills. It is also very useful for the librarian to keep record of books.

6-Increased Productivity

All the above discussed roles result in the overall productivity of students as well as school. The students show better results and administration can easily manage all the activities in an organized without any extra effort.


In conclusion, it can be said that information technology has provided the schools a great tool in the form of education management software to easily and effectively manage all the activities of the school.


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