[School ERP] and its Unbelievable Advantages

School ERP and its Unbelievable Advantages

Since the last two decades, technological improvements have shown its effects on all the fields of life. Education field is also no exception as new software and techniques are being introduced in the educational institutions. These have not only made management easy but have also proved fruitful in teaching also. Enterprise Resource Planning is also one of those programs which has greatly affected the schools, colleges, and universities across the globe. It has made the management of schools so simple and saved so much time to invest on learning activities. School ERP has many advantages for management, students, teachers, and parents.

School management erp

1-Advantages for Management

ERP software has many advantages for management making it easy to perform various functions. The main management functions made easy by ERP are admissions, fee collection, results preparation, payrolls, campus management, and many others. It also helps in the generation of many reports automatically needed for the improvement of the institutions. It also helps in budgeting and allocating resources to various campuses. Moreover, there is also a system of generating SMS automatically to communicate with parents. It keeps management updated about various news and advancements. Nowadays, additional tasks of security and watching class rooms has also been included in it.

2-Advantages for Students

This software is equally advantageous for students as they can obtain date sheets, results, study materials including notes, library catalogs, and many other things. It is also used to enter the discussion forum between students and teachers which are a lot helpful to increase knowledge and confidence. Students can also track the bus service and schedule of other activities. The schedule of yearly holidays and annual sports are also uploaded there for the convenience of students.

3-Advantages for Teachers

ERP has a lot of benefits for teachers in the school. These may include the facilities of making lesson plans, uploading study materials for students, roll calls, conducting tests and preparing results. It is also greatly beneficial for teacher in tracking the students’ performance throughout the session. It has saved a lot of teacher’s time in the class and thus they are facilitated to spend more time on teaching. Teachers can also communicate with the parents and inform them about the progress of their children.

4-Advantages for Parents

Enterprise Resource Planning is also beneficial for parents. In the past, parents had to go to school and enquire after their children performance in studies. But through this software, they can contact with the school management and teachers and track the progress of their children. This has also saved time of the parents and made their contact with school easy. There is also the facility of online fee payment. The parents also remain informed of the social activities in the school and often are invited to attend various functions to encourage their children. They can also check the attendance report of the children and stop any kind of cheating.

To sum up, it can be said that school ERP is a blessing for parents, students, teachers, and all other related persons. Although there are many vendors of this ERP software, yet Clofus is the best for its large-scale benefits with cost efficiency.


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