Various Features of [Equipment Resource Planning] for Schools (ERP)

Various Features of Equipment Resource Planning for Schools (ERP) In modern age, education has become a business and many private and public schools are running like a private company. All these are using management software which is an application software useful for managing all the entities related with the school. Due to increased competency, they are using this software in their own particular ways. This software has been developed by a team consisting of all the education and management related people keeping in view the different problems they actually faced during performance of their services. »

[Examination] and [Result Management] | Free School Management software

Examination and Result Management feature helps teachers & admin staff to work efficiently and effectively. Module helps the staffs being more productivity at school and simplifies the complex parts in the flow of examination and results. Feature helps to manage in publishing the results and report card online. The module also covers planning, implementation, continuation and monitoring evolution. Automates scheduling examinations, informing students and parents, report card printing. Those features have incorporated in our app called ‘Clofus Interconnect’. »

[School ERP] Different Features to Look for in School ERP

Different Features to Look for in School ERP Like all the other walks of life, the invention of computer has brought about a great revolution in the education system of various countries across the world. Many new software are being devised daily to facilitate the process of teaching and managing the students and also the other activities of the school. It has introduced many innovative techniques of teaching and the overall results of the students have improved. »