Online School Fee Application [School Management software]

Problem Most infuriating thing in the parent‘s life is standing in a long queue at school premises to pay school fees. This is the time consuming activity that parent should put more effort. High chances of late fee payment when the parent’s are away for their official work. Solution Online fee payment is an emerging method that simplifies the fee payment process at school. Online fee application makes the fee collection process easily and avoids the long queue at schools. »

Clofus Interconnect [Desktop] App Now Available to Use

Press Release CHENNAI – July 11, 2017 – Clofus Innovations (LLC), School ERP specialist, today announced the launch of the new Clofus Interconnect Desktop App for their Clients. Now the Clofus users can access their Clofus Interconnect account from their Personal Computer that specifically runs most common operating system i.e., Windows, Mac, and Linux. “Some of our clients say, Staying connected to their Clofus Interconnect account getting harder, sometimes their web browser fails to respond when they tried to access. »

Advantages of [School Management Software] for Teachers

Advantages of School Management Software for Teachers Teachers are important pillars of the institution. They are the largest contributors in the success of the institution. Often, a school is known by the quality of the teaching staff it has. They are the persons who leave everlasting effects on the minds of the students and their parents. A good teacher is always respected by the nation and the success of the nation lies in this respect. »

School Administration Software

School Administration Software Back in early days, everything was preserved manually in manuscript form. The technological advancement was only in thinking. But the dream of the past is now at our hand as fact. We do everything through online rather doing on pen and paper. This online system is helping us to save our time and save our money and various costing as well. When in early days we generally use pen and paper to fill up our different form to get admitted in any educational institutions. »

Student Interest Matters [School Management software]

It is important for school management and teachers to get to know their students. They should know about every student’s strengths, weakness and interests. It would better to know what area he/she is strong, where they getting struggle and get to know their interests. So they can help them to achieve their target academically. It is useful to build healthy relationship with students. Teachers should always stay connected with students. Have some conversation with them on a regular basis. »