School Administration Software

School Administration Software Back in early days, everything was preserved manually in manuscript form. The technological advancement was only in thinking. But the dream of the past is now at our hand as fact. We do everything through online rather doing on pen and paper. This online system is helping us to save our time and save our money and various costing as well. When in early days we generally use pen and paper to fill up our different form to get admitted in any educational institutions. »

[Digital Report Card] System | School Management software

What is the purpose of report card? The report card is issued by the school to student or to the student’s parent. It is piece of sheet consist record of student performance on academic outcomes issued periodically. It is written assessment parents and teachers can evaluate the student ability and curriculum performance. Issuing report cards is a traditional habit following by the schools since few decades ago. Most of the typical report card contains things like subject, Marks and Grades. »

[Teachers] Management Software

Teachers Management Software The current aged students and parents are very much advance with the help of new automation. This new generation is taking out all possible benefits from the aid of technology. They are not keeping them aloof from the advancement of this applied science. So, the time has now come for the teachers or instructors to get out from the traditional education system. They need to cope up with this new mechanization to address their students and guide them in right direction with best possible way. »