Teacher-parent communication app [School Management software]

Problem Teachers are always expecting the parent’s involvement on children’s education. In today fast paced world parents not having time to concentrate on their children’s education. Parent non-involvement instigates unperformed student activity. The only problem is lack of communication between parents and school.


Solution Keep parents informed using technology is a great and quick way. Today, most of the schools incorporated the latest technologies such as applications and modern devices to enhance their teaching aspects. Using those technologies parents can get to know about home assignments, events, educational strategies and children’s academic and non-academic performance.

Our Take Clofus Interconnect free school management software provides an application to keep connected the parents and teachers which can work seamlessly on all mobile devices. The Interconnect application is a gateway of communications between parents and teachers. It can build a strong teachers-parents relationship. Keep parents involved in every academic and non academic event. Parents stay connected with schools and teachers from anywhere, anytime through mobile devices. To know more about our application feature click here.


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