[Time Management] Tips for Students

Time is a most valuable thing in human life. Time Management is not a technology or skill to learn. It comes from practice. Practicing Time Management is common to all. But, managing time is a precious resource must follow by School/College students. Here are few basic tips for students to manage and use the time efficiently.

time management

Organize your Plan

List all your important tasks to do for the day in physical or digital planner. Put all the priority tasks at the top of your list. If you do this practice every day it is easy to get to know the tasks you accomplished and leave uncompleted.

Spend your time wisely

Complete your home works when travelling in the school bus that you left incomplete on the previous day.

Do right thing on correct time

Figure out your works and the appropriate time to do the work. Schedule the work you would like to do in evening or morning. Don’t shuffle the work.

Reward Yourself

Don’t wait for the appreciations from someone else, take pride and reward yourself to motivate yourself. It helps you to stay on the task.

Students should follow the tips listed above to strive to be the best at your study place.


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