Time Table Application for schools [cloud-based software] | Chennai

Problem Scheduling our plan every day helps us to manage our time efficiently. This behaviour should imitate at schools by teachers and students so it can give better results in their acadmic performance.


Scheduling time in classrooms through time table is a great way to organize the daily study and teaching task of students and teachers. School time table is manually preparing still in most schools. It is difficult and time consuming task.

Solution Creating time table using software saves the time and expelled the manual work. With the software, teacher can find allocation of classes to avoid conflicts in timings.

Our Take Clofus Interconnect cloud-based software provides an app called “Time Table” which can work seamlessly on all mobile devices. The Interconnect app can simplify the users work on creating time table at schools in classrooms. No need to submit the manually prepared timetable to principal. Principal can easily access the time table created by class teachers through our application from anywhere. Even students and other teachers can see the whole-day timetable. To know more about our application feature click here.


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