[Implementation of School ERP] Various Challenges in the Implementation of School ERP

Various Challenges in the Implementation of School ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning is the software being used by almost all the organizations throughout the world. It is a very complex system which requires a lot of hardware and software for its implementation. Although school ERP is not so complex as other organizations, yet it is not free of challenges. Various factors that affect its implementation should be kept in mind to gain maximum advantage. There are also varied functions and activities being performed at the educational institutes and ERP, if implemented by heart and soul, is beneficial for all these without any extra cost and labor. In spite of challenges, many educational institutions are conduced towards using it. Let us briefly explain various challenges which one have to face while trying to implement school ERP.

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1-Matching Requirements

The very first hurdle in the implementation of this software is its being matching with the needs and requirements of the school. However, it is almost impossible to find a perfect match but it should, at least, satisfy more than 80% needs of the school. Only then we can gain desired benefits. Therefore, an ERP provider should be able to meet these requirements and further updating it with the increase in requirements.

2-Hardware and Software Needs

ERP also needs some basic infrastructure for its proper implementation. These may be either hardware or software required for its installation and smooth working. It needs specially configured systems and also some supporting software. It is the responsibility of the school to provide with all these requirements and vendor should physically check and then ensure its complete benefits.

3-Training Needs

Another big challenge in the implementation of ERP is non-technical staff. Most people in the organizations do not know computer, therefore, they need to be trained and supported. All the teachers, students, management, parents, and even checking authorities require many training sessions. Some end users need a lot of support throughout the years to make it successful.

4-Time Constraint

The next big challenge in ERP is the time constraint. If the requirements and needs are fully met, the implementation will require less time. But if all the requirements are not met properly, it may take lot of time. Similarly, the trainings, data transferring, integration, and various versions of the programs are also included among other time taking constraints. Therefore, always give proper time to implement the school ERP to get all the benefits.


Integration is also among the challenges of the ERP. It means that the software should be compatible with IT equipment already installed in the school. It also saves cost and eliminates the chances of losing data. Due to its being compatible with hardware and software, the data from old system can easily be shifted to entire new system.

6-Change Management

Change is the essence of implementation of any new program and the organization which is responsive to changes is always successful. Therefore, it is pertinent to note that the installation should be in phases so that the changes can be easily managed and staff and students can be easily trained.

In conclusion, we can say that Clofus school ERP is good as its vendors claim its compatibility and integration with preinstalled systems in schools.


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