Various Features of [Equipment Resource Planning] for Schools (ERP)

Various Features of Equipment Resource Planning for Schools (ERP)

In modern age, education has become a business and many private and public schools are running like a private company. All these are using management software which is an application software useful for managing all the entities related with the school. Due to increased competency, they are using this software in their own particular ways. This software has been developed by a team consisting of all the education and management related people keeping in view the different problems they actually faced during performance of their services. This software integrates all the departments of the school into one whole and makes management a lot easier. It has log in facility for all of its members to give them access to all the needful data. Following are the important features of school ERP.

school management

1-Management Features

The very first and the most important feature of ERP is the management of different activities. These may include management of admissions, management of timetable, management of library, and financial management. All these are very important to run an institution smoothly. These are the activities that are opened and visible for general public also to give them an idea about the school. New admissions are greatly affected by these. People prefer to send their children to such schools as are well managed in all manners. They see the enrolment, timetable, and other facilities that aid the students and then decide for admission.

2-Support Biometrics

Another very peculiar feature of school ERP is its support for biometrics. Nowadays, security is one of the most important concerns of the educational institutions and this is made easy with the help of installation of biometrics. All the visitors are allowed to go inside after biometric verification. Moreover, the attendance of all the staff is recorded through these biometric machines. These have the ability to record the finger prints along with the time of scanning. This has also eliminated the deceptive techniques used by all the related people.

3-Cost Effective

Cost effectiveness is another very good feature of this software. It is not too much costly as compared to its benefits. It saves a lot of paper waste and time wastage during various activities. The meetings, results, date sheets, course outlines and many other facilities are available to all the students and teachers without getting them printed.

4-User Friendly

This school management software is highly customizable and user friendly. It has nothing hidden. All the necessary information is displayed at pressing of a tab. This also makes it easily adoptable. Its graphics are usually attractive and color customization can be altered. It is too easy to be used by the students of lower classes and less educated parents.

5-Online Tracking

The next very good feature of this software is its support for online tracking. A teacher can easily track the progress of any student throughout the session. Similarly, students have the facility of tracking bus service. All these services are available 24 hours.

Bus tracking


In the end, it can be well said that school ERP is unmatchable software for students, teachers, and school management. Without it, it could never have been possible to manage vastly varied activities of the institutions.


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