AI Robot Assistance

Clofus® AI Robot Assistant can be placed anywhere at your school and students can talk with the Robot and ask any question.

Attendance with RFID

Students Emotions

Are you worried about your student behaviour and don't have any clues of his/her emotions? Don't worry our Clofus® AI will capture and analyse all the behaviour and emotions of your student and suggest to arrange counselling for the student.

Attendance with RFID

Teachers Allocation

Clofus® will suggests to reallocate teachers to the classes that delivers low results to improve the overall students and class results.

Attendance with RFID

Non-Academic Reports

Using face recognition database Clofus® generate the reports of student's overall emotions throughout the year which never possible

Attendance with RFID

RFID attendance system

Student safety is top priority for us. Clofus® RFID system is the responsibility for the safety of students and our powerful technology will strictly monitor every movement of student in your school.

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Bus GPS tracking System

Our bus tracking system allows parents/teacher to track the position of school bus from mobile unlike traditional application

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School Bus RFID

Don't mark the school bus attendance manually here after! Our Clofus® RFID will mark the attendance automatically while students entering the school bus using RFID cards.

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Digital Notice board

Migrate your traditional school to Clofus® future school today and quickly notify your school updates digitally to students, parents and staffs using Clofus® digital notice board.

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Artificial Intelligence Suggestion

AI will provide auto suggestions to corresponding staff to take actions in order to improve schools

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Take your planning and strategy to next level

Students and Staff can access their portal across institution through standard alone device called Kiosk

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User Performance

Clofus provides detailed real time charts and visualizations about individual teachers, students and performance in a glance

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School View

Take your planning and strategy to next level

This application enables the top management/principle to literally have the eagle view of the complete daily operations of the school. You can view the whole organizational structure of the school/college—neatly structured and organized in Clofus interface. Find out which class is being taught by which teacher at any given hour. This only a glimpse of what Clofus can do for your institution, there is so much more you can do

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Messaging System

You can send messages to everyone easily right from your Mobile device

You have to make an important notification and you want the message to reach all the parents. What do you do? Of course you can send them letter, or email them one by one. But with Clofus Messaging App, you can send broadcast message in a click reach everyone. You can also send personal messages. The medium of message can be in SMS, Email and In App or in all three forms

Clofus will do that for you


Miss nothing. Be informed of every event occurring in the school

Broadcasting Messaging

Find and reach all your contacts with a touch



You want to quickly find out the marks of a student in particular subject: what do you do?

Clofus Marks App all you have to do is enter the specific data in the fields and in seconds you have the marks of that student

Go Paperless

Increase efficiency by reducing paperwork

Student's Performance

Get the result of academic performance of every student with brilliant data visualization methods for quick understanding

Mark System


Are you bored of looking at the linear report cards and mark sheets for student's academic performance?

Clofus analytics will change that for you. Our app will give you the trend, the pie chart of student's performance over an academic year of his performance in one particular subject or many (based on the information you want) over the period of time

Export Analytics

Download and fetch your analytics report from anywhere and on any device

Real Time Analytics

Input the data in the APP and get the real time analytics reports—instantly


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