"Reinventing Software User Experience through Simplicity"

Clofus helps your business to improve productivity, sales and streamline all your day-to-day activities


For Education

Interconnect is suitable for all academic levels from primary schools to colleges, streamline several activities eliminating all forms of paperwork in schools and intelligent resource management, student performance and effective messaging between parents, students & teachers through iOS, Android App

ERP Mobility

For Manufacturers, Warehouses & Distributors

Software solution for production process improvements, inventory, accounting, order management, customer/supplier management, invoicing and transportation tracking etc., all accessible across devices such as desktop, iOS/Android mobile and on the cloud

Office Suite

For any Office and Sales Teams

Revolutionary new office application to manage your lead conversion tracking, sales persons, website content management & visitor tracking, email read receipts, quotations, staff attendance, expenses, support ticket management, call logger etc., all in one software

Consultancy Services

Plan Your Idea, Develop & Launch

We provide solution to any business with our expert software/hardware specialists, We build IoT, APIs, APPs, Websites & Deploy them to Scalable Cloud and its done using latest latest technologies

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